Solo Show

Sheppard has developed an inventive new solo set which features his own compositions, on-the-fly improvisations and classic jazz standards.

This beautiful new suite has been created for saxophones, electronics and natural sounds. With his soft sound, delicately massaged tone changes, improvisational fluency and broad tastes, saxophonist Andy Sheppard is well equipped for a one-man jazz show, complete with an engagingly vague sense of humour. Sheppard’s contemporary sax mix of languid Latin grooves, bursts of free jazz drama, and slow-burn improv method gives him one of the most recognisable styles on the European circuit.

The solo programme can be accompanied by a pre-concert talk.

‘(…)the coolly lyrical sax improviser, was accompanied only by electronics, he filled the room with sumptuous sound.’

* * * * John Fordham, Guardian (Full review)solo


‘Sheppard’s wholly distinctive saxophone playing, which combines considerable subtlety with immediate accessibility, hasnever sounded better.’ The Times


‘refined a mix of free-jazz bellicosity, elegant linear lyricism and a concern for delicate nuance that has made his playing more expressive now than at any time in his career.’ Guardian


‘Sheppard is always a compelling voice…’, Time Out


‘resourceful, original and typically musical Sheppard performance.’ Guardian



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