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Andy Sheppard / John Parricelli


Described as ‘a fascinating collaboration between two of the most creative musicians in UK jazz, this contemplative duo and their album P.S. is a clearly articulated, lyrical, atmospheric and absorbing exploration of a wide range of influences, including jazz, Latin and ambient music.

Parricelli plays acoustic nylon string and steel string guitars, as well as his more usual electric. Paricelli is perhaps the UK’s most in-demand guitarist and it’s easy to see why: he is an absolute master at creating delicate and deep environments from a vast range of sounds, always with loving care.


“The air currents in Andy Sheppard’s saxophone sound so close to your ear on this sensitive recording that if you put the speakers close to your curtains you would half-expect them to flutter. (…) an engagingly gentle Latin-jazz feel and a Jan Garbarek/Terje Rypdal-flavoured north-European minimalism. But the sound of Sheppard’s tenor (…) represents some of the most subtly-controlled and atmospheric slow sax-playing heard since Bobby Wellins recorded Starless and Bible Black with Stan Tracey, a purple tapestry of purring deep sounds, breezy runs and offhand, reluctant, upper-register harmonics.” * * * * JF the Guardian

“(…) it’s about opening a window into an introspective meeting that, for all its accessibility, isn’t shy on substance. If the ultimate purpose of acquiring technique and musical knowledge is to allow musicians to forget about it all and just play, then Sheppard and Parricelli have clearly made the leap from formidable ability to sheer musicality.” All about Jazz



Andy Sheppard / Kuljit Bhamra

AndySheppard&KuljitBahmra Andy Sheppard is joined by one of the most inspiring and influential musicians and composers on the British Asian music scene. Kuljit Bhamra is a virtuoso tabla player and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a pioneer of the worldwide Bhangra phenomenon. He combines traditional Indian rhythms with western instruments and multitrack recording techniques.

Kuljit has worked with many artists, producers, orchestras, bands and soloists from the worlds of jazz, folk, classical and pop, as well as composing for film, TV and theatre.

This collaboration between Andy and Kuljit brings together a combination of sounds from East and West, and is an evocative musical conversation which will explore spaces and acoustics as the dialogue unfolds.

Sheppard and Bhamra have recorded together on several occasions including the album Dancing Man & Woman and most recently on Sheppard’s ECM album Movements in Colour.



 Andy Sheppard/Rita Marcotulli



Music can be compared to a range of colours; some of them match, others are embellished by juxtaposition and yet others quite simply clash. Rita Marcotulli and Andy Sheppard form an artistic duo that brings particularly delightful results, playing their “colour” range in perfect harmony together. The pair met through their shared passion for François Truffaut. 
Their friendship was cemented further when Andy took part in Rita’s album Koiné, and finally they’ve perfected their musical partnership through the numerous live concerts they’ve given together throughout Europe. Their duo album ‘On the edge of a perfect moment’ stems from the same idiom the two partners share that relies heavily on melody with another strong influence from electronic music which fascinates them both. Hence their constant search for new sounds by electronic treatment of acoustic effects; this is something they’ve developed themselves, but which isn’t necessarily valid for other instruments. 
The on-going, open-ended project depends mainly on the live context. 
Their repertoire of original compositions (with two new versions of old ones) is part of it; it bears the stamp of a pair personifying the art of the duo.

“Marcotulli has lived in Scandinavia, and the ghostly, wistful long-note jazz of Jan Garbarek, Arve Henriksen and others has had an impact here. Sheppard’s tone control and ability to do more with less has been an eloquent feature of his mid-life music, but a startling edginess often bursts out of it, in fierce split-notes or rumbling, upward-spiralling runs against slowly swaying piano figures(…)The result is a real contemporary improvised dialogue” * * * * JF The Guardian



Andy Sheppard/Joanna MacGregor


After a long close musical partnership, Andy Sheppard and Joanna McGregor recorded the acclaimed album Deep River, an album of music from the Deep South inspired by Joanna’s various trips to the Southern states of the USA.
On their repertoire the duo explores both players’ passion for experimenting with technology and there are smatterings of electronica and sampling. But, ultimately, the music is about two very fine musicians exploring and expanding a genre with tenderness and real mastery and giving it their own unique personality.

“one of the world’s foremost modern-music recitalists” JF The Guardian

“MacGregor’s dark chords and Sheppard’s sanctified sax lines creates a deliciously sultry southern dreamscape with intense interplay between pianist and saxophonist. While MacGregor seems to be reclaiming deeply buried childhood memories, Sheppard sounds like he is reacting to a new sound from a person he thought he knew. The result is rather moving.” * * * * Classic Music



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